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"Printed Matter'' was a column on books and authors written by Elisabeth Sherwin in Davis (Calif.) California. Sherwin's popular book reviews and author interviews were carried in several other Northern California newspapers in addition to The Davis Enterprise including the Fairfield Daily Republic, the Winters Express and the Placerville Mountain-Democrat. If you want to reprint any material on this web site, please send e-mail inquiries to: yamagata@dcn.davis.ca.us.

Elisabeth Noel Sherwin and Elisabeth Noel Sawyer with twins June and Anna Sawyer. She has lectured locally about books and writers for various groups, including the Woodland Public Library.

"Printed Matter," which she began writing in 1987, covers both local writers and well-known national favorites. If you have a favorite you'd like to see included, send an e-mail message to ensherwin @ gmail.com Elisabeth Sherwin worked as a staff writer for the Davis Enterprise for close to 20 years.

Sherwin graduated from Hiram College, Hiram, Ohio, in 1971 and earned her master's degree in journalism from Northwestern University in 1981.

For an Elisabeth Sherwin essay on her experiences at Hiram College and Bowler Hall, see "Hiram College in 1967-71."

Elisabeth became the Executive Director of the International House Davis, CA in April 2008.

Elisabeth Sherwin left Davis in the spring of 2015 and moved to Allenspark, Colo. She lives on 2.5 acres at 8,500 feet with her partner, Mike Brown.
Her mailing address is:
Elisabeth Sherwin
P.O. Box 294
Allenspark, CO 80510
To read more about Elisabeth Sherwin in Colorado [Click Here].

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Photo l. to r. Llynea Sherwin Blair, Elisabeth Sherwin, Roy Sherwin, and Mike Brown and Liz-the-dog
hiking Cowbell Hill in Allenspark, Colo. in 2017.

A sample of authors that have been interviewed by Elisabeth:

Other authors interviewed have included: fantasy writer (2/25/95) (9/21/97) (12/28/01) Peter Beagle; columnist Bob Dunning; mystery writer Donna Levin; science fiction writer Kim Stanley Robinson; fiction writer Laura Reese; published historian Kathryn Olmsted; magazine writer William Langewiesche; UC Davis Spanish and Classics lecturer Francisco Alarcon; and children's author-illustrator Yan Nascimbene -- all Davis residents. Former Davis residents featured many times within the Printed Matter web site are the popular autobiographical author Gus Lee; and the Pulitzer-Prize winning author Jane Smiley, who writes with a home grown flavor for agricultural university towns, such as Davis; and mystery writer John Lescroart.

Picture of Cat in a Salad Bowl
Fred Sherwin reclines at home in Davis after a hearty meal.
For more about Fred visit "Why Can't Anyone Write a Good Book About Cats," the January 11, 1998 Printed Matter Column.
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