Where to find Clean and Free Comics
on the Internet but not yet in Newspapers

Here are the wannabees, the stars of the future? Many of these comics are probably done as a hobby. Most are not syndicated yet. At any rate there should be hundreds here, you can check them out. For the syndicated professionals check here.

To explore a site and then come back to this page put your mouse cursor on the little black triangle at the right end of the URL address bar and click on my page which should be the top page on the list.

Some of these sites have nothing but clean, family friendly comics, but sometimes the clean, family friendly comics link to comics that are not so family friendly. This is not true for the professional comics on the other page, you are not only safe going to the professional sites, you are pretty safe clicking on any of their links without suddenly finding yourself where you do not want to be.

Gateways to the Internet comics

  • Comics sherpa is part of the U comics site. It has many aspiring comics, some who are quite funny, others drawn well. comicssherpa.com
  • keenspot.com This is probably the most important web site for purely web based comics. That means they have not been picked up by the papers, though some are still dreaming. Handle with more care than the other sites, they say they are not trying to control things except for quality, which means you are more likely to run into mom unfriendly sites. keenspot
  • Yahoo groups is another place to search under entertainment, comics, comic strips. Proceed with care, but this is an interesting area. Here is the link to Yahoo groups comics

    Directories to search

    I usually use Google to search for things but sometimes this results in hiting an embarrassing site, which is part of the reason I am writing this page. I have found the dmoz, the open directory, helpful in finding good sites, but exercise care. Once again I am providing the URL but not a link as a speed bump

  • dmoz.com/arts/comics/online/syndicates

    Comics on Public Access Thoughts

    Always try to stay out of trouble on public access, that way they will not take it away from us and they may give us more.

    If you found this site by putting the words free comics into Google I would like to warn you that at least one of the other links on that page is to a web site you should avoid. I have also found that lots of the top sites found with the word clean comics, include both clean and not so clean comics.

    Most public access computers do not allow you to prevent the loading of images, but a few do. If you are uncertain about a site you might want to set your browser to only load text, not images, if that is possible.

    I hesitate to encourage reading comics on our limited public access computers, but sometimes many computers are free and you have some time to relax so here are some web sites.

    I might also mention that most public libraries have an extensive collection of free comics in the adult non=fiction section under the call number 741.59. As turning a page is easier than messing with the Internet you might want to read your favorites from the library before you spend public access computer time on the comics.

    Besides this web site may help people who wish to read comics at home or work and do not want their wife, kids, boss, or coworkers to look over their shoulder at the wrong moment.

  • Free professional syndicated comics on the net

  • Free Comics in Davis page

  • Homepage, Davis Public Web Access

  • Pages on public access useful any where in the world

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