Pages on Public Access to the Internet

Ideas for getting institutions to provide more public web access. This page was written for Davis, California but has many key ideas that will work anywhere.

How to use public access more efficiently Like the above this was written for Davis but has ideas that can be more broadly applied.

How to avoid locking up your computer

Comics pages

Good, clean, free comics on the Internet Read comics on public access without the worry that someone might look over your shoulder when you innocently checked out a site that has the wrong sort of comics.

Convince your librarian to add graphic novels to the collection Tips for convincing your librarian to add long, high quality comic books, called graphic novels, to the library.

This web site began as a guide to using public access to the Internet in Davis, California, but when I put the Webstat.com hit counting service on my site I noted that a large portion of my hits were from outside the United States, so most of my readers do not live in Davis. So I started producing pages that would be more generally useful to the National and International public access users. This web page is designed to be an index page for users who are not local to Davis.

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