Where to get Public Access Internet Terminals in Davis, California.

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 UCD Libraries  Public Library  City Hall  Senior Center  ARC
Davis has a lot of free public access. This page will tell you how to get it, which access points are heavily used, and what the rules are so you can do what you want without getting in trouble, and perhaps losing your public access privileges.

UC Davis Libraries

The UC Davis library system has lots of public access and you are welcome to use the library even if you are not associated with the UC Davis.

The 3rd week before finals of Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters the termials are heavily used, because that is the week that students tend to finish term papers. Perhaps all the computers will be used, but I have never observed that myself.

There are rules for using the computers you can find them here.

University Library hours

Public Library

The public library has 44 public access computers connected to the Internet. You are limited to two hours a day, there is no limit on the number of sessions. On the twenty five regular adult Internet public access computers. On the four express computers the sessions are limited to twenty minutes. The express computers should require less waiting. There are also 9 children's Internet computer. There are also six teen computers. Children's and Teen's computers are subject to the same limits as regular adult computers. You can get prints for a fee.

Use of the computers is high, and there might be a wait after school. When school is out or in the mornings and evenings all year there are generally plenty of computers for children, teens and adults. Students maybe able to get the access they want at their school libraries, which usually have after school hours. I realize many students will not find this attractive because of the limits put on school computers.

There is also wi-fi in the library. Using this has the advantage that it frees up the public access terminals and protects you the user from any bacteria or other germs left on public key boards. Let me remind heavy users that if you can afford home access in addition to saving travel time, it may keep you healther.

In the past one reason for having libraries was to encourage people to learn to read and provide them material to practice reading. Public access to the Internet not only provides more reading material it also gives people practice writing, particularly e-mail. So now the library facilitates the whole range of language skills not just reading. E-mail should be seen as educational. Writing e-mail is far more educational than reading the latest best seller if you are an adult who normally spends an hour or more a day reading cheap novels.

City Hall

City Hall has two computers. They are used, but I do not think they are heavily used. As there are two, one is likely to be free. Might be a good place to do e-mail after school gets out durring the school year. In the past there were time limits, and those probably still apply. In the past these were good computers. As far as I know all the public access computers are good these days.

The Senior Center

There is one Internet computer at the senior center in the lounge. You can ask at the desk where it is. The one time I checked on this recently, it was in use, so this maybe a high use computer.


The ARC has eight terminals according to Davis Wiki. These can be used by anyone, and do not require a student card or password. The ARC in general is not to be used by the general public. For some reason these computers are an exception. I phoned to confirm this. At any rate they are limited to 15 minutes and then they automatically log you off. They are supposed to be used for quick e-mail checks and quick searches for information. I have not seen these myself. I base this on Davis Wiki and a phone call.

Davis Wiki public access page

Public Access Terminals Lost

A number of other businesses also had public access computers but no longer do. I thank all of these businesses for giving it a try and in many cases providing a free service for many years.

I do not think public access machines were a good business idea for small businesses. I think it is more plausible that they do make since for big stores, shopping centers, business districts, etc.

Davis High, Holmes, and Emerson

The high schools do not have public access machines for the general public, but the libraries at the public schools have computers which students and staff can use and take some of the demand off the public library. The Davis High library is open until five Monday thru Thursday and has plenty of computers. I am writing this on one right now and there is only one other person here and at least 25 available computers. Holmes and Emerson have similar programs. There are printers to print off things. The school computers are limited. The school system now wants them to be used for school oriented activities.

FedEx Office

FedEx Office, formerly Kinko's is not free. In fact it is fairly expensive, but they charge by the minute so I find that I can do almost everything on public access computers and then do the last few things at FedEx cheaply.

FedEx Office provides a very important service because they allow you to do things other places do not. For example, FedEX offers scanning and is open twenty four hours a day. They no doubt have other features the free public access does not offer.

It is very useful to have at least one paid access point where they do not limit you the way they do at the free Internet access computers.

Other businesses also offer paid Internet access, I believe some are cheaper, but may not offer as much in the way of service.

The Davis Wiki has a page on public access computers in Davis, but it is not nearly as extensive as this one. It is possible though that they might have more current information at some point in the future, so I am providing a link. They also have the best page on WiFi access.

Davis Public Access Thoughts

Please follow the rules and avoid making trouble for public access providers. Do not bite the hand that feeds us. We have lost access because people caused trouble. A large portion of all use is within the rules. I encourage users to continue this.

Davis Community Network has done a great job at setting up the public access terminals that are not in the libraries.

Several useful web pages have been created through public access terminals in Davis including this one.

 UCD Libraries  Public Library  City Hall  Senior Center  ARC

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