Campaign Statement of Ian Hadley

And my statement:

It may be apposite that Ian is from Oxford, UK.  This is where Mensa began.  Perhaps it is time to return to our roots.

We believe that International Mensa has two roles to perform.  The first is introspective and protective in nature; the second expansive and outward looking. Both are concerned with the future welfare and wellbeing of the society.

To address the former, we see the International group as being at the forefront of protecting the copyright and intellectual property of Mensa across all national boundaries in the world.  This cannot be done effectively at a national level.

From the perspective of the latter, we believe that Mensa needs to expand to embrace its full potential.   2% of the populace does not mean 2% of UK or USA. It means 2% of the human race if it means anything. Whilst Mensa  has no opinions,  it does adhere to the idea that its membership can think, regardless of the issue or content of that thought.  There are still many communities on our Earth which do not subscribe to the notion that the populace can think and so choose to think for them.  We would see Mensa demonstrate them wrong.

We would also like to see:

  • a return to the roots of Mensa, offering a more community-minded image to the public, encouraging members worldwide to assist  the community with projects concerning intelligence. We would hope to overcome community attitudes regarding the "Tall Poppy Syndrome", a syndrome which has all but disappeared in the sporting arena and the musical world, but which lingers on with regard to intelligence in many countries, forming a community barrier to the fostering of bright minds.

  • greater administrative support for  new Mensa organisations.  Too often new groups start with a bright flame, but after the initial  success, lapse and fade into obscurity once more.  While it is important to develop Mensa in new areas, we also believe that sustained  administrative support for these fledgling organisations is crucial; that those partially-developed organisations  should be carefully nurtured and not left to wither.

  • increased support for officers should be increased at the international level for the benefit of all Mensas. Volunteer officers are the lifeblood of our organisation and are our most valuable assets.  They are an integral part of our infrastructure.

  • increased financial support for the International Journal, which is often the only point of contact for  members; greater assistance with both electronic and traditional distribution of the IJ.

  • more concentrated effort put to the development of Mensa internationally in Cyberspace.  The purpose is twofold, reflecting Mensa's two roles.  Not only should we be assisting member countries to enter a Mensa cyberworld where they can instantly meet fellow members without regard to geographic restrictions, thus expanding the concept of a 'global village';  we should also be examining our second, 'outward' role. The internet is where the future lies; Mensans should be amongst the forerunners of electronic communication. Cyberspace is a vast universe of uncharted lands. It is those of us who use it today who will be forming the codes of ethics governing the Cyberspace of the future.   Mensa should be an integral part of that future.
  • Mensa is above all, a community of kindred spirits.  It transcends national boundaries and ethnic norms.  It embraces philosophical and political positions which are at once traditional and also radically new.  It provides for a huge spectrum of thought - but it does above all, provide for thought. It is this that we must strive to protect and to promote, and to engender in places which would suppress it. 

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