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This page will provide references to a number of articles to be supplied over the next few months. At this time, I am referring principally to my own prior writings, but I invite other members who have serious, high-quality material on the net to send me their URLs by e-mail. If you want me to transcribe your article and store it at my site, I shall have to charge a fee.

If you have found anything of interest through this page or its links, I’d appreciate it if you would send me a message telling me about it.

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Mensa in the current public press. Return here by using your browser's Refresh function.

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Going Forward is edited by TJ Lundeen and produced for the WWW by Dick Amyx. It revives the original function of InterLoc as a place for members to publish their comments on Mensa’s governance and politics. It is unofficial and aims to recapture the special spirit of early Mensa.

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Mensa live political discussion on Yahoo

Source material for revision of Mensa’s constitution.

Original Mensa Constitution

Current Mensa Constitution

Alan Neuner's Proposed Revised American Mensa Bylaws (Sep. 2003)
Going Forward LogoDraft AML Bylaws

AML Election - 2005 (Links)
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Early Contributions
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Planning Strategy
The Network Vision

AML Dues Increase ’99

A discussion on the M-Grapevine list of a proposed increase in the dues. There is a reference there to a historical chart of past dues levels.

International Election ’99

A case study in bad politics. (Material courtesy of Dick Amyx)

Election ’97

My last campaign for AMC Chairman

Election Results ’95

Click above for a report on the results of the 1995 AMC election and subsequent political developments. For information on the resignation of newly-reëlected AMC Chairman Amyx, click here.


*=Recent articles on political reform.

*“Computers & Politics in Mensa” Submitted to The Mensa Bulletin, November, 1996. Comments on AMC Chairman Remine’s column in the November Bulletin concerning the connection between the jeopardizing of the society’s membership records and political mismanagement by its trustees.

*“Responsibility and Accountability in Mensa” From InterLoc, November 1996, p. 22. Responding to three items in the August ’96 issue, explains the origins of the ombudsman’s office and the Hearings Committee. Revives an old analysis of Mensa’s dispute resolution criteria and makes proposals for reform. Includes a link to an account of abuse of the Hearings Committee process in the Judy Dosse Case. The problem persists into 2003, see Acts Inimical Memo. The current rules of procedure can be seen here: Rules for the Conduct of Hearings Additional relevant material is at Hearings Index provided by Dick Amyx.

*“Social Choice & Chance” Draft of an article for The Mensa Bulletin proposing a new way of making social decisions based on chance.

*“Election Reform: NomCom” From InterLoc, August, 1996. Explaining the origins of the American Mensa Nominating Committee and proposing a fundamental reform of its current functions. Supplementing this article, there is documentation tending to show that the 1996 NomCom did not conduct a careful vetting of the potential candidates.

*“A Perverse Trajectory” From the International Journal, March, 1995. A proposal for doing well for Mensa while doing good. (In January, 2001, a beginning was made by establishing a discussion group at Yahoo!)

“Let Your Fingers Do Less Walking” From The Mensa Bulletin, September, 1995. Advocating the use of the Dvorak keyboard, with actual experience described.

Last Report as AMC Member Key excerpts from The Mensa Bulletin, May, 1979, discussing the appropriate style for Mensa’s government. This page is maintained by Dick and Meredy Amyx as a revival of “Renewing the Promise of Mensa”. Explore this site for other views going back to the earliest days of American Mensa.

“Rhetorical Offenses” The final section of the 1970 Annual Report containing material that is still currently relevant to Mensa’s political atmosphere.

“1973 Annual Report” From The Mensa Bulletin, May, 1973. Final report as AMC chairman. History, ideology, hopes.

“The Odd Way Mensa Began” A brief memoir by Hon. Pres. Victor Serebriakoff.

Victor Serebriakoff 1913-2000

An obituary, Victor Serebriakoff, 87, Dies; Oversaw the Growth of Mensa, from The New York Times, 10 January 2000.


Serebriakoff Memorial Fund. An appeal to endow an annual lecture in honor of Victor


Lionel Lancelot Ware 1915-2000

An obituary, Lancelot Ware, 85, Co-Founder of Mensa, from The New York Times, 28 August 2000.

“1970 Annual Report” From The Mensa Bulletin, May, 1970. First report as AMC chairman. The groundwork and the policies that launched American Mensa’s period of great growth. (Now a lost world?)

“The Origins of American Mensa” From the 25th Anniversary Issue of The Mensa Journal November, 1971

“An Inquiry into Responsibility” From The Mensa Bulletin, September, 1991. On Joseph Göbbels and Col. Klaus von Stauffenburg.

Mensa as a network A letter to The Mensa Bulletin illustrated with sketches of a network organization appropriate to a non-hierarchical society.


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International Mensa

To find out more about Mensa International and SIGHT please contact:
Edward Vincent
Mensa International
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Tel: +44 (0)171 226 6891

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For a more comprehensive list of links, see International Mensa’s National Groups
For a lot of information about Mensa, including its constitutional documents, see the Mensa Resources page, maintained by Colin Mackenzie

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Of Particular Interest

Gifted Children

   Bright Ideas, a newsletter about gifted children

Mensa’s 50th Birthday as reported in The New York TimesAugust 25, 1996.

Australian Mensa SciFi SIG Magazine, an especially elegant example of what one can do on the WWW.

Chimera High-IQ societies, tests, puzzles, games, and riddles by Bill Bultas.

Polymath Systems IQ and psychometric tests, references to several high-IQ societies and their politics. By Kevin Langdon, long-time Mensa member.

“Beyond Bree”, the monthly magazine of the Tolkien SIG.

“Firesetting” A serious psychological analysis of people who set fires compulsively, by Australian Mensan John Hamling.

“Uncle Al’s Essays” An on-line collection of light essays by Mensan Alan Schwartz.

Sinister Sliding Stones Study SIG Report of an expedition by Las Vegas Mensans to the Death Valley, Race Track Playa, moving stones.

“A Homeless Person Takes Another Look At Mensa” An insider’s report on homelessness in Los Angeles, by Mensa member Dacia Adams, a 52 year old widow with a teen-age son.

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