The Quest for an Effective Chairman in 1997

Candidate: Sander Rubin

A Brief Biography

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   I am a life member of American Mensa. I live in Davis, California, with my 15 year old daughter, Miranda, 11 year old son, Ethan, and a herd of cats. (I'm a good cat herder.)

   My background is in computer engineering, economics, and law. I have a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from MIT, an MEE from Syracuse University, and a JD from the University of California, Berkeley (Boalt Hall). I did post graduate study for a year at the London School of Economics and Political Science. My mode of thought is sometimes abstract -- the economist; more often concrete -- the lawyer; more practical than hypothetical -- the engineer.

   I joined Mensa in June 1961, when it was a modest club in England, and was one of the founders of American Mensa Ltd.; I also played the major role in negotiating our autonomy from the British organization. During two years as Treasurer (1967-1969) I restored fiscal integrity to Mensa by changing from cash to accrual accounting, procured our favorable tax status, and founded the Mensa Research and Education Foundation (MERF), drafting a charter for that organization that has assured its stability over the years.. I was elected AMC Chairman in 1969 to turn around a declining membership, and I did. For over a decade after that, our membership continued to increase and diversify.

   Growth ended abruptly about 1982 and soon thereafter Mensa suffered a significant drop in membership. In a failed effort to reverse the downward trend, AMC made a decision (supported by the current Chairman), to spend huge sums of money on public relations and recruitment instead of improving Mensa's capital resources. In spite of the fact that Mensa almost went bankrupt in the process, the leadership continues to focus on public relations rather than its responsibilities to the membership.

   In fact there is a striking tendency by current AMC leadership to favor image over substance, public relations and legalism over infrastructure and performance, and intentions over actions. AMC has evolved from an administrative necessity into an overarching hierarchy, tending toward intrusive involvement in Local Group issues and establishment of "policies" that have no place in a round table society.

    I believe in the round table, the fundamental metaphor of Mensa, as the basis of a good society and in openness as the basis of good government. If American Mensa is to be revitalized, its purpose and promise must be rediscovered. I am running for AMC Chairman because I care about Mensa and can offer unique skills and insights. I propose an improvement program and a concrete framework for action. No matter how appealing any program may be, however, what really matters is the integrity and quality of the people who commit to bring it to fruition. Therefore, if I am elected Chairman, one of my first priorities will be to get around the country to find, meet, solicit input, and get commitments from members who will serve when called upon.

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You've probably heard the quip “Leading Mensans is like herding cats.” The secret of good cat herding is letting them do what they want provided they do their private business in the cat box (or outside) and don't bring dead mice into the house.
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