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====== Operational Goals of the Davis Gig Network ====== What do we want to do with a fiber optic community network aside from just "faster better bandwidth?"\\ This is a major network infrastructure project that we could use for decades. As it is the community that is calling for it, and authorizing the purchase of the infrastructure. Lets agree on some design parameters we would like to see built into the network. As a personal advocate of the network I'd hold these first 5 or so design elements to be core to the original concept. Others along the way have brought up additional design elements which could be built into the network. Also see the [[advantages]] page. * Built throughout the community, not just the downtown core. All homes, apartment complexes, businesses, schools, govt buildings and parks facilities. * Overbuilt capacity at the edges to support adjoining ag land fiber build outs and new subdivisions. * Open Access/Open Interconnect to the infrastructure overseen by 501c3 non profit community network * Fast and redundant peering with UCD Network * A network design {{:nv_data.pdf|(SDN?)}} so End Users can create temporary or permanent VLANs to exchange data without going through the public Internet * Interconnect to Woodland along existing fiber on Rd 102. Interconnect to the downtown Sacramento core fiber ring. * Smart water meters, Smart sprinkler systems, water use telemetry. * Community Technology Center at the network hub or (peering point) that offers * Network Hub 100% alternative energy with diesel backup ====== DavisGig Goals and Organizational needs ====== How will the DavisGig effort operate to fulfill the clearly articulated goal. There seem to be several areas that need to be focused on. This project will probably take 3-5 years and has phases. - First, this group needs to grow public support, educate council members, prepare a full proposal with detailed estimated costs, comparing and contrasting different Gigabit models, and get a successful vote at the Council. - Then, keep up the outreach efforts (Davis Enterprise story a good beginning once costs are known) and get a bond measure passed to pay for implementation. Get neighborhood-based registration web site and do a 90-120 day registration drive. That tells us where to start the deployment. - We need to have detailed technical plans of exactly what we want installed with this bond money that we can use as a starting point when we engage with the consultancies that will be contracted with to put the infrastructure in the ground. We need to tell them exactly what we want, and understand how they are going to implement it. - We stay with the project as it is deployed in neighborhoods, and coordinate with the city to combine any water or street work or anything else that can be implemented at the same time, and closely monitor the process and costs to make sure things are being done right. - As the project is finished and for some years afterward, review operations, costs and benefits, and look to outlying areas. Organizational Areas * Technical Operations * Public Outreach/PR * Partners - UC Davis, Yolo County * Political * Executive

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