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====== Files and Documents ====== This page will have a collection of links to .pdfs, word docs, and other documents pertaining to the project. * {{:att_3_davis_report_021918_final_draft.pdf|Davis, CA Broadband Feasibility Study}} (03/05/2018) * {{:pip_killerappsingigabitage_100914.pdf|Pew Internet Project paper on Gigabit uses}} * {{:fiberrfei.pdf|Municipal Fiber in Davis}} * {{:ybsp-_community_profiles-_davis.pdf|Davis Broadband Profile from Yolo County LAFCO Broadband Strategic Plan}} * {{:yolo_lafco_broadband_strategic_plan_draft_12-03-2014-compressed.pdf|Yolo County Broadband Strategic Plan Draft}} * {{:cartoon Davis Tech behind the Times.pdf|Davis Broadband Cartoon}} * {{:enterprise_letter_06102015.pdf|Guest Opinion in Davis Enterprise}} * {{:munifibermeeting.pdf|Community Outreach Meeting 07/14/2015 Flier for Municipal Fiber}} * {{:bald_head_island_nc_rfp_-_final_-_20150520.pdf|Sample RFP for Community Fiber}} * {{:val-nexgen_design_7.9_v2.pdf|Next Generation Network Handbook}} * {{:11pon.pdf|NGPON "WDM PON" Cost Analysis & Deployment Study}} * {{:nv_data.pdf|Network Virtualization in the Enterprise Data Center}} * {{:bla.munigigabitfiberfinance031516.pdf|San Francisco Muni Fiber Financial Analysis}} * {{:baller-stelfox_clic_legal_webinar_3-24-16.pptx|Legal Considerations for Broadband Public Private Partnerships}} * {{:building-the-gigabit-city-volume-2.pdf|Building the Gigabit City 2nd edition}} * {{:santa_cruz_fiber_summary_5-12-2016.pdf|Santa Cruz Fiber Summary}} (5/12/2016) * {{:entrypoint_ammon.pdf|Ammon, ID Municipal Fiber Utility Model}} (01/30/2017) * {{:2017-virginia-fact-sheet.pdf|Municipal Fiber Networks in Virginia }} (01/30/2017) * {{:leverettnet-presentation_17-04-20.pdf|Muncipal Fiber Model for Leverett MA}} (05/18/2017) ====== Meeting Minutes ====== * {{:01.24.15.minutes.pdf|01.24.2015 Meeting:}} * {{:03.04.15.minutes.pdf|03.04.2015 Meeting:}} * {{:04.08.15.minutes.pdf|04.08.2015 Meeting:}} * {{:xxx|05.06.2015 Meeting:}} * {{:08.05.15.minutes.pdf|08.05.2015 Meeting:}}

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