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The Davis City Council is currently comprised of:

On Tuesday, March 3, 2015, the City Council heard a report about the Yolo Broadband Strategic Plan (YBSP). They then unanimously adopted a motion to direct staff to pursue the recommendations of the report. These are:

  • pursue “a solution” to the expiration (later this decade) of the Comcast-provided fiber optic intra-net for City and schools;
  • adopt a General Plan Amendment as policy framework to facilitate gigabit fiber deployment and incorporate it into the development process; and
  • coordinate with other government entities.

The cable franchise contract expires in 2018, and the Council directed staff to return no later than September, 2016, with a report. That lead to the City Innovation Officer and his Deputy meeting (on 3/25/15) with DavisGig proponents to discuss our thoughts and how we might work with City staff. They are next planning a series of events (referred to as a “listening tour”) to hear from interested parties about what might make it possible to implement the recommendations in the YBSP.

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