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David Sandino and father, Julio I grew up in Merced and attended UC Davis as an undergraduate. I am a lifelong resident of the Central Valley and twenty-year resident of Yolo County.

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Qualifications for Serving on the Board of Supervisors

I have the professional and public service background to be an effective supervisor.

  • Senior state Water and Environmental Attorney--I have worked 15 years for the California Department of Water Resources on water supply, flood control, and environmental issues facing the state and region.

    I was the lead attorney for the Department for the hearing to implement objectives to protect the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. This included working on the flow requirements for Putah Creek and Cache Creek.

    I served three years as attorney for the California Reclamation Board, providing legal advice to the Board on flood control issues for the Central Valley. I worked on a maintenance plan for Putah Creek with the Department of Water Resources and Fish and Game, protecting the flood capacity of the channel and allowing for habitat. I worked on various flood control improvement projects, including Cache Creek, the Sacramento River, American River, and Clear Lake

  • Deputy County Counsel—I worked 2 years as deputy county counsel in Yuba County.

    I represented the Yuba County Public Guardian. I worked on over 100 conservatorship cases for those who were unable to care for themselves due to age or mental health. I also represented the Yuba County Planning Commission on land use and CEQA matters and the Sheriff on all issues concerning inmate and evidence management.

  • Davis Planning Commissioner—I served on the Davis Planning Commission, working to maintain downtown economic vitality and meet housing needs.

    I made numerous recorded votes and attempted to be fair to all parties, to be consistent regardless of politics, and to explain all of my votes. These votes include

  • Voted in favor of zoning change to permit construction of Nugget Market on Covell and Pole Line to improve retail in that shopping center.
  • Voted in favor to allow Nugget Soccer fields to expand recreational opportunities for children and adults.
  • Opposed General Plan approval of PG&E campus to avoid sprawl and agricultural impacts.
  • Voted in favor to modify zoning for Davis Indoor Sports Center, Konditorei, and Trokanski Dance Workshop to permit mixed-use area.
  • Voted in favor to allow cooperative housing and apartments in south and east Davis to increase housing supply.

  • Davis Natural Resources Commissioner—I served one term and chaired the NRC, working to promote water and energy conservation.

    I supported the groundwater study to maintain water supply and quality, and worked on implementation of the metered water rates to promote conservation.

  • Law Professor—For over a decade, I have worked as a part-time law professor teaching water law, local government law, environmental law, and energy law at UC Davis Extension, Golden Gate University Law School, and Santa Clara University Law School.

    At Golden Gate University, the students selected me as the most effective teacher among the entire faculty.

    I have written numerous articles on water, land use, and environmental issues. These article include paper discussing the Sacramento-San Joaquin Bay-Delta, Colorado River, the Klamath River, environmental laws protecting wildlife, and legal methods to promote water conservation.

  • Fulbright Fellow—I represented the United States in Russia in 1999, teaching environmental law at a Moscow university. The Fulbright Program selects university professors to teach in developing countries or countries in transition to democracy with the goal of supporting American understanding and democratic ideals.

    While in Russia, I assisted the university in acquiring rights to publish American textbooks in Russian.

    I was selected to be the keynote speaker at the American Cultural Center in Moscow to lecture on America’s role in promoting democracy in the twentieth century.

    I am member of the Fulbright Senior Fellowship Selection Committee, and I help select new Fulbright fellows.

Fulbright scholar

  • Rotary Foundation Fellow—I received my master’s degree in international law from King’s College in London and have been involved extensively with Rotary International.

    I was selected to be the keynote student speaker at the Rotary Conference both in London and in California, where I discussed American and British history and relations.

    In 2003, I was the keynote speaker at the Rotary Leadership Camp for high school students in the San Joaquin Valley, speaking about the responsibilities of leaders in democratic societies.

  • High School Teacher—I taught chemistry, biology, geometry, algebra, and coached basketball.

    I have supported recreational activities through the Planning Commission, coaching and playing and would promote this as supervisor. I am a member of the Wildhorse Golf Club and Davis Athletic Club, and have played Roy Hobbs Baseball, Davis City League Softball, Davis City Basketball, and Davis City Tennis, and running and bicycling events.

  • Graduate of UC Davis, Santa Clara University Law School, King’s College Law School, England.

    I majored in chemistry at UC Davis, and received my secondary teaching credential there. I graduated from Santa Clara Law School on the Dean’s list, serving as editor of the law review and Student Body Vice-President. I received a masters in international law from King’s College. While at King’s College, I received honors in my studies and I played on the college basketball and tennis teams.

  • Volunteer Work. I have been a volunteer for a variety of community organization, including Northern California Legal Services where I have represented clients for free that could not afford an attorney, Ladies Professional Golf Tour and Senior Golf Tour, UCD Alumni Association, and Channel 6.

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