First and foremost I believe in Families First.
I believe in improving the quality of life and safety of all Americans.

Listed below are more of my positions, both district and nationwide, as well as priorities I feel are important. They are in alphabetical order as a way to make them easier to locate. If a position is not mentioned, or if you need further clarification, please contact me at (530) 671-1930 or email Kent2000@syix.com.


We must preserve our family farms, keeping the agricultural economic bedrock of our district safe.


I will encourage cities in the district and the state to redevelop abandoned, urban, industrial and commercial sites called “brownfields.” Putting those lands back into productive use is good for public health, economic development and the environment.


I do not support a federal voucher system for education. A voucher system could place public education squarely on the auction block. Teacher and class popularity ratings and the funding they bring into a school, could jeopardize the very type of education needed to compete in the global-knowledge and information based economy. Calculus and Java II programming (AP Classes) will not compete successfully with football and film appreciation in school districts with low socio-economic strata populations. We need to reform our public education system, not ruin it.


I support more livable communities and taking new steps to protect our fragile coastlines. The so-called ‘choice’ between a clean environment and a healthy economy is a phony one. We can and we must do both. The best gift we can give our children is the ability to build and maintain a thriving economy without polluting the environment.


I believe in the right to bear arms. I support enforcement of existing gun laws. Criminals should not have guns. I don’t want to take guns away from law-abiding citizens who enjoy hunting or recreational target practice. And we must keep guns out of the hands of children.

Health Care

We need a health care system worthy of America, with a Patient’s Bill of Rights for all. I will work to ensure quality, affordable health care for all Americans.

Living Wage and Employment

I will work for high quality, living wage jobs, bringing new employers to the area for all of us.

Military and Veterans

I believe in the need for a strong military to keep our nation strong. Having been raised in a career military family, I believe we must provide full veteran’s benefits, honoring our commitment to those who have served America.

Minimum Wage

I support the working family. I will strive towards raising the minimum wage as I recognize the value of work. I support giving millions of Americans a pay raise nationally, by increasing the minimum wage from $5.35 to $6.15 per hour over the next two years.

New Economy

I believe that only by accelerating change and spreading the use of information technologies throughout the economy, can we achieve the rapid productivity gains needed to increase wages for those left so far behind in the New Economy.

Nuclear Weapons

I support ratifying the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty on nuclear weapons, supported by over 150 nations. Failure to ratify CTBT will harm America’s national security interests.


We need better support for our senior citizens. We need true protection of the Social Security system and complete Medicare coverage for those in need, especially with regards to prescription medicines.

Woman’s Choice

Over herself, over her own mind and body, the individual woman is sovereign. The government should not be able to assume control over an individual’s body.