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24-Hour Crisis Lines
Confidential, anonymous telephone counseling and referral information is provided any time of day or night by trained crisis volunteers. Immediate crisis intervention over the phone can decrease the need for more intensive counseling services.

From Davis, call (530) 756-5000
From Woodland, call (530) 666-7778
From West Sacramento, call (916) 372-6565

ASK Teen Crisis Lines
The Allied Services for Kids (ASK) teen line began in December 1994 to provide 24-hour availability to teens and families in crisis. Whatever the problem, teens are welcome to call this confidential and anonymous crisis line for support.

From Davis, call (530) 753-0797
From Woodland, call (530) 668-8445
From West Sacramento, call (916) 371-3779

School Safety Tip Lines
This 24-hour confidential tip line is where students in Davis and Woodland can report concerns about school safety, including information about possible violence or incidents of harassment. Since the school shooting tragedy at Columbine, such student reports have saved hundreds of lives.

Regarding Davis schools, call (530) 758-SAFE or (530) 758-7233
Regarding Woodland schools, call (530) 668-HELP or (530) 668-4357

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Suicide Prevention and Crisis Services of Yolo County is a National Suicide Prevention Lifeline center.

Call 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

SOS® Signs of Suicide School Education Program
For the last few decades, Suicide Prevention and Crisis Services of Yolo County has provided our well-received “Choose Life” prevention education program to all secondary schools in our County. This school year we are pleased to announce the implementation of “SOS® Signs of Suicide” prevention program. It is the only school-based program to:

  • Show a reduction in suicide attempts (by 40%) in a randomized controlled study (American Journal of Public Health, March, 2004).
  • Be selected by SAMHSA for its National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP).
  • The SOS® Program has also documented a dramatic increase in help-seeking behavior by others (Adolescent and Family Health, 2003).

SOS® Signs of Suicide programs are depression awareness and suicide prevention programs that can be implemented in one class period. We provide both the middle school and high school program, which can also be used in alternative settings serving youth such as: social clubs, after school programs, and juvenile justice systems.

By presenting this life-saving information, Suicide Prevention and Crisis Services of Yolo County aims to:

  • Help students understand that depression is a treatable illness;
  • To explain that suicide is a preventable tragedy that often occurs as a result of untreated depression;
  • To provide students training in how to identify serious depression in themselves or a friend;
  • To impress upon youth that they can help themselves or a friend by taking the simple step of talking to a responsible adult about their concerns; and
  • To help students know whom in the school they can turn to for help, if they need it.
  • To schedule a presentation at your school, contact the business office at (530) 756-7542 or e-mail the school presenter at

Survivors of Suicide Support Group
Suicide Prevention and Crisis Services of Yolo County facilitates a “Friends and Family of Suicide Loss” support group for adults. The effect on friends and family of suicide loss can be overwhelming. Survivors of suicide loss often state that no other loss has been as painful or confusing. Additional feelings of guilt, anger, and sadness can create a complicated grief process. In a group with others who have shared a similar loss, support comes from exploring, sharing, and clarifying feelings. Because suicide grief can have an ongoing impact, individuals are encouraged to consider attending no matter how long ago the suicide occurred. At various times during the year, the group generally meets for 6 consecutive Wednesday evenings at the Suicide Prevention business office in Davis.

Group topics will include:

  • “Understanding Grief – How long does the pain last?”
  • “Anniversaries, Holidays, Rituals and Memorials”
  • “Stress and Coping -What helps?”

There is no fee for this group, which is funded by the Ladd Clark Memorial Fund and Suicide Prevention and Crisis Services of Yolo County. The group size will be limited, so please e-mail us or call us at (530) 756-7542 to register for the group or to discuss whether this group may be helpful for you or a family member. If you would like more information, this is a website that has helpful information on bereavement and suicide, as well as support group listings if you don’t happen to be in the Yolo County area.