Helen Lee Moore: Letter to NomCom

[The following is an excerpt from Helen Lee Moore's letter to NomCom as solicited by that committee after names had been tendered to them.]

To the NomComm:

I hope that you will place two names in nomination for each office for which you have two or more willing candidates. I understand that you were unable to find people who would run in sufficient numbers to make this possible across the board, and you certainly can't produce candidates from your hats!

* * *

I have known Sander Rubin through his published writings and correspondence since 1985, and personally since 1991. I know that he is qualified for the position of Chairman according to the bylaws, and I believe him to be more than capable of providing good leaership. I have heard that he is contentious, but in my observation and dealings with him, I have not found this to be true. He has demonstrated a true concern for the welfare of Mensa, and I feel he should have the opportunity to present himself and his ideas to the membership without the necessity of going through the petition process.

* * *

Please do NOT delete my name from these comments.

Helen Lee Moore

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Created: 24 Nov 96