1. Mensa is an international society, membership of which is open to persons who attain a score in an intelligence test higher than that of ninety-eight per cent of people in general.

  2. Its purposes are to conduct research in psychology and social science, to identify and foster human intelligence for the benefit of humanity and to provide opportunities for social contacts among its members.

  3. Its activities include the investigation of members' opinions and attitudes by postal questionnaires, and the exchange of ideas by lectures, discussions, and other means.

  4. It offers the services of its members to research workers in psychology and social science outside the society.


  1. Mensa has no aim which is for the advantage of its members unless it is also for the advantage of the community.

  2. Members or groups of members may express opinions, but Mensa as a whole has no opinions: no opinion shall be expressed as being that of Mensa.

  3. Mensa shall take no political action other than the publication of the results of its investigations.

  4. Mensa shall not have any religious or political affiliations.

  5. Any member may organize any group of members or any other legitimate activity in Mensa, but no member may commit the international society to anything (other than in his capacity as a member of the International General Committee).

  6. Mensa is not a profit-making body.


  1. Any person who attains a score in an intelligence test as decided by the International General Committee in accordance with the principle stated in the first item of this constitution shall be eligible for membership.

  2. Each member shall pay the annual subscription each year or a subscription for life membership unless he is excused from doing so by the Treasurer.

  3. Each member shall permit his name to be published in a list of members.

  4. Each member shall answer and return confidential postal questionnaires distributed by the International General Committee or a national Mensa committee or one of their research committees.

  5. No qualification or disqualification for membership in Mensa, other than contained herein, shall be imposed by any national Mensa committee or body.



  1. The management of Mensa is vested in the International General Committee and national Mensa committees, which shall consist of certain members of Mensa who are willing to attend meetings when practicable and to do some work for Mensa without payment other than for expenses incurred on Mensa business.

  2. The International General Committee shall consist of: at least eight officers; one representative of each national Mensa committee; and each founder of a new national Mensa until a representative is elected by its committee.

  3. The officers shall include: Chairman; General Secretary; Treasury; Membership Officer; Chairman of the Research Committee; Chairman of the Editorial Committee; Chairman of the Premises Committee; and Developments Officer.

  4. The Committee may change the responsibilities of an officer if the Committee and the officer concerned agree.

  5. The Committee may fill any vacancies which occur on it during its term of office.

  6. The Committee may co-opt additional members.

  7. The Committee may appoint special committees.


  1. The International General Committee shall be responsible for: increasing the membership of Mensa wherever practicable, especially in countries where there are no national Mensa committees; testing applicants for membership; recruiting applicants eligible for membership; membership records; deciding the international component of the annual subscription; finance; research; publications; international headquarters; conventions and gatherings of members; other international Mensa affairs; formulating general Mensa policy and principles; and giving rulings on matters on which this constitution is silent.

  2. The Committee shall arrange for a Mensa publication to be distributed to all members of Mensa, normally monthly.

  3. The Committee shall have power to elect a President of Mensa.


  1. The International General Committee shall normally meet in London at least quarterly.

  2. A member of the Committee who is normally outside the United Kingdom may appoint a member of Mensa who is in London to attend a meeting of the Committee as his proxy.

  3. Each member of the Committee shall have the right to express his opinions to the Committee in writing.

  4. The members of the Committee shall be members of the incorporated society of Mensa International

  5. The Committee shall consult the members of Mensa before making any important decision which affects them.

  6. The Committee shall be responsible to the members of Mensa for the conduct of the affairs of the society and shall distribute a report to each member at least annually.


  1. Each national Mensa committee shall be responsible, in the country or the group of countries concerned, for: advertising Mensa; membership records; deciding the national component of the annual subscription; finance; research; publications; regional and other groups; annual and other gatherings of members; public relations; and other national Mensa affairs.

  2. Each national Mensa committee shall be responsible to the members in the country or the group of countries concerned for the continuance of Mensa aims and tenets.

  3. Each national Mensa committee shall instruct its representative on the International General Committee to obtain agreement on such aims and tenets.



  1. An election of the International General Committee shall be held at least once every three years.

  2. The General Secretary shall invite nominations for the officers from all members.

  3. Any member may nominate candidates; provided that he nominates a member for each office, that he produces evidence to show that each candidate accepts the nomination in writing, and that the nomination paper is signed by at least twenty-five members who support it.


  1. If only one group of members is nominated for the officers of the International General Committee, the Chairman shall declare the candidates nominated in it elected.

  2. If there is more than one nomination, each group of members included in a nomination shall have the right to address a joint statement of not more than one thousand five hundred words to the members.

  3. Te General Secretary shall arrange to distribute a copy of each such statement to each member with a ballot paper.

  4. The ballot paper shall list the candidates nominated for each office individually in alphabetic sequence; with a request to each member to vote for one candidate to each office separately and individually.

  5. The International General Committee shall arrange for the completed ballot papers to be received and the members' votes to be counted by professional auditors, accountants, or solicitors.

  6. Each group of members shown on the ballot paper may nominate one scrutineer to observe the counting votes.

  7. The Chairman of the International General Committee whose term is ending shall declare the candidate for each office who obtains the largest number of votes for that office in the ballot elected, provided that no person may hold more than one elected or appointive position.


  1. A national Mensa committee shall be formed in a country or a group of countries when there are sufficient members for that purpose.

  2. A national Mensa committee shall be composed and elected as decided by ballot of the members in the country or the group of countries concerned.

  3. When a national Mensa committee has been formed it shall elect one of its members as its representative on the International General Committee.


  1. The funds of Mensa shall be administered by the Treasurer acting on the instructions of the International General Committee.

  2. The Treasurer shall arrange for the accounts to be audited by professional auditors annually.

  3. The Treasurer shall publish to all members a statement of the audited accounts.


  1. This constitution may be amended as a result of a ballot among all members, provided that, of the members from whom completed ballot papers are received, more than one-half vote in favour of the amendment.

  2. The International General Committee shall arrange for the distribution of ballot papers, and for the completed ballot papers to be received and counted.

  3. Any proposal for an amendment which is recommended by the International General Committee, or approved by an Annual General Meeting of a national Mensa, or supported by a majority of members of a national Mensa who voted in a referendum on it, shall be submitted to a ballot of all members of Mensa.

  4. Each national or other grouping shall hold referenda on proposed amendments to their by-laws, if such amendments are recommended by a majority of those present and voting at the Annual Gathering of a national or larger grouping.

  5. In all referenda, international and other, no recommendations on how to vote shall be enclosed with the ballot.

  6. In all referenda, international and other, both sides shall be given equal opportunity to state their positions.

Adopted October 1964. Includes Amendments adopted 1965,1966 and 1967
Reprinted April 1971

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Transcribed from document reprinted April 1971
Created: 20 Feb 01
Revised: 25 Jun 01