Marie Myrick, editor of the Birmingham, Alabama, local group newsletter Owlabama, sent a request for a campaign statement to both Dave Remine and Ian Hadley.  Both Remine and Hadley replied, but their responses were quite different.

Both responses are presented here in their entirety.  I suggest that you read Ian's first.


The Request

It has just come to my attention that we will be having a contested race for International Chairman of Mensa.  I believe that it is important that our members vote in this as well as all Mensa elections.  I know you have both prepared statements to be circulated in national publications with the ballot, but many of our local members pay more attention to the local newsletter than the national publication.  If you are willing to send me campaign statements ( approximately 250 words), I will include them in the April issue of the Owlabama.

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