Fax to International Ombudsman Concerning
Ian Hadley's Request for Arbitration with the IEC
From: Mensa International <100031.1323@compuserve.com>
To: Ian Hadley <ian_hadley@csi.com>; Carole Bell
<102457.1501@compuserve.com>; Graham Clinton <graham.clinton@mcmail.com>;
Linda Kelso <LKELSO@TELEPORT.COM>; Sven Rudloff <halbfrosch@mind.gun.de>;
Grzegorz Wojcik <grzesiekw@magit.com.pl>
Date: 09 February 1999 09:25
Subject: Offer of Arbitration

Ladies and Gentlemen

Please find attached and pasted below a copy of a fax message I have
sent this morning to Francesca Quint, advising her of the response by
both sides, to her offer to arbitrate in the dispute between you.



CC: Francesca Quint
Udo Schultz

From:  Ed Vincent    February 9 1999

Dear Francesca

I am writing as requested, following the 8.00am British time deadline
agreed in allowing responses by both sides to the offer of arbitration,
to report:

Mr Hadley, as you know, has said he is willing to accept arbitration.

The International Election Committee has voted two (2) in favour of
arbitration, one (1) against it, and two (2) not voting.

Since the deadline to respond has now passed, and the response from
the IEC is incomplete, I would conclude that the arbitration is not agreed.


Ed Vincent

CC: Udo