History of this Page

Early in 1999, it came to the full attention of Mensa at large that Dave Remine was running unopposed for Chairman of Mensa International.  Unknown to most American Mensans, Ian Hadley, a member of British Mensa, had also indicated his interest in running for Chairman and had filed all the proper papers with the International Election Committee (IEC).  However, Hadley's candidacy was rejected by the International Election Committee for what appeared to be tenuous and arbitrary reasons.  In sheer frustration after being unable to make any headway with the IEC, Hadley distributed copies of his correspondence with Linda Kelso, Chairman of the IEC, to several friends and acquaintances.  I received a copy of that correspondence second-hand and was so outraged by what I read that I decided to post it here on my web site for all to see. 

At about the same time I was publishing that correspondence here, news of Hadley's trouble with the IEC was made public on the American Mensa "Grapevine" mailing list.  Because Remine has always been the focus of quite controversial opinion, the hue and cry supporting Hadley's candidacy and questioning the IEC's actions went up.  That hue and cry--including the IEC's attempt to exert influence over the content of my private web page--is preserved on this page, too, along with information about the candidates and glimpses of their personalities as revealed by samples of their correspondence. 

Largely because of the publicity that Hadley's trouble with the IEC received and insistence by many Mensans that the rejection of Hadley's candidacy be reconsidered, Hadley finally was able to enter the Chairman's race.  Also available for viewing here are the election results and a report on the countries whose votes were not received or tallied.

It was originally my intent to dismantle this page after the election was over and all the questions and complaints about it had died down.  At the suggestion of Sander Rubin, and after some contemplation, I decided to leave all the material pertinent to the election here as an historical record of a job poorly done.  I urge anyone who wishes to download everything here and maintain it as a personal archive or to post it on a redundant web site.  If we can benefit from the 1999 Mensa International Election, perhaps we won't have to repeat some of its mistakes in 2001 or subsequent election years. 


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