Chainmail Construction

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12-30-94 ... 4-25-98
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I'd like to start off by directing the reader to the following index of chainmail links. The best index of information about chain seems to be Sara Trice's. I've finally got a camera to work with, and I hope to soon start putting pictures up again. Plan is to have work underway by November of 1998. I'm making some progress on that plan. I've got the camera and I'm starting to get time to work on this project. I wore my mail to Ren Faire recently.

Plans... the one project that I don't seem to ever get time for is this notebook... it will be retired eventually. I'd like to thank all the people who pointed out broken links over the years. November 1998 found me working on other things in my life, such as having one that have made it prudent for me to stop promising to get this done ever.

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