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 +Though I am no longer in Davis, I continue to have a love of Davis and the region, and am an Omsoft/DCN network user.   I was an early '​community Internetworking'​ champion, integrating that with rural community eco-planning and new media arts, beginning in the 1970s. ​   I was Exec. Dir. of DCN from 1996-2006, and had minor fiber and wireless community networking involvements across the US and globally. Since 2006, I have directed the 1st-Mile Institute, and working with Andrew Cohill, PhD, (Design Nine, Inc.) have been involved in planning 'open fiber' networking initiatives across the US., especially focusing on the financial, management and organizational structures for 1st-Mile networks and services. ​  
 +I would love to be of help on a Davis Gig initiative, having extensive experience, contacts, references and resources to share. ​   I can easily be available via email or via Skype or Google+ Hangout, for working meetings and processes.
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