Photo Gallery Reno NCAR '03
Birds on the ground...

Reno sun rises over #75 Warlock at the 2003 NCAR

its Australian for "Air Racing", mate!

Michael Brown blew the engine in September Fury after an unofficial 508 mph lap...

4th place Unlimited Gold finisher Sherman Smoot drives #86 Czech Mate down the ramp


4360-modified Furias took 5th in the Gold, piloted by Gary Hubler

fans of Rare Bear contributed over $300,000 to bring the amazing bearcat back to NCAR

Steve Hinton smokin' on the ramp in the T-33 unlimited pace plane

Big Bossman another Michael Brown entry - this F7F Tigercat broke an engine after qualifiying at 366 mph

Jim O'Neal Taxies the L-39 pace jet

nice, uh... wings!

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