Photo Gallery Reno NCAR '03
Shots from the Pylons

Skip Holm in #4 Dago Red and John Penney in #77 Rare Bear come around the course at a scorching
511+ mph in lap 2 of Unlimited Heat 1A Friday Sept. 12 - the fastest race ever flown at Reno!

Ron Bucarelli flies #38 Precious Metal past the sun on the way to winning the Unlimited Bronze

Al Goss flies #75 Warlock almost directly over pylon 2 for the start of Heat 2A. The T-6 races started from the South this year, similar to the Unlimiteds and L-39 jets

T-6s turn around pylon 3 at the start of Heat 2A


Warlock turns around west pylon 6(8) heading for the homestretch taking 3rd place in the T-6 Gold

Howard Pardue drives his #14 Bearcat around pylon 2 on his way to 2nd place in the Unlimited Silver

another Bearcat... # 77 Rare Bear qualified at 494 mph! Takes 2nd place in the Unlimited Gold.

Tom Dwelle was back flying #10 Critical Mass to 3rd place in the Unlimited Gold

Unflappable Mary Dilda takes 1st place in the L-39 jet class (and 2nd Place in the T-6 class!)

5-time National Champion #4 Dago Red takes first place in the 2003 Unlimited Gold Race

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