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(I was gonna make a big list, but these folks have already done such a fine job!)

Aviation Enthusiasts Corner Everything you EVER wanted to know about Aircraft!.

Michele's Virtual Hangar Brought to you by the Boland Aeroplane and Motor Company. Major cool.


Air & Space Magazine's National Championship Air Races web site

American Air Racing Ltd. "Home of the Fastest Homebuilt Aircraft." Support for the "Legend", "Thunder Mustang" and Glasair II & III

Ghosts Online The Aviation Photography of Artist PHILIP MAKANNA.

T-6 R&D Bill Todd's mission to upgrade the T-6/SNJ

Free report: Edwards '97-Golden Anniversary of Supersonic Flight

Wings of Freedom Photography Incredible shots by MICHAEL HABERLIN.

The AIR MUSEUM "Planes of Fame"

WarbirdAeroPress - the art, action and adrenaline of unlimited air racing...

All Aviation FlightLine OnLine Check the photography & commentary on the Reno Air Races!

Aviation Illustrated magazine web site

Joe Baugher's Encyclopedia of Military Aircraft Wanna know about a warbird?

Marty Kane's Race Pages racing, racing, racing & more racing!!

The Need for Speed a comprehensive listing of sites that pertain to "going fast"...

Snaproll Productions' "Snowbirds Smoke On...Now!" Video & CD-ROM Snowbirds up close & personal!

The Axeman's Page A view from the home pylon, courtesy of NCAR Flagman Matt Ratliff

Reno Pix Page Years and years of air racing photos from Curt Graham

David's Aviation Web C5 Galaxy crew chief explores unreal aviation!

The Mining Company A great new web resource on aviation topics!

Jim Fitzgerald's Page Steam Trains and Reno Racing!

Interweb Schoolhouse Aviation Page

Classic Warbirds of the United Kingdom by Peter Evans

The Aeronut "In-flight" photography of antiques, classics, warbirds, & jets by Thomas McKelvey Cleaver

AeroSpace Defense News A web magazine covering the leading edge of aviation, space and defense technology news - featuring text, graphics, RealAudio, and streaming video news and articles.

Landings Aviation@Landings - The on-line directory of aviation links and databases: weather, flight planning, events, airlines and travel, pilot supplies/avionics, classified advertisements, and more.

COMMERCIAL SITES (buy cool stuff!)

AeroSelect - on-line and catalog "Select Aviation Gifts"

Lost Squadron Graphics - Long-time Air Racing supporters & sponsors, helping all "lost squadrons" look cool!

Airfoil Aerodynamics Software by aerospace engineer Dr. Patrick Hanley

Foto Search Stock Photos  Fotosearch.com has over 1500 quality aviation photos

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