The Hattie Weber Museum features exhibits depicting the history and heritage of Davis, California, and the surrounding area.
445 C Street (northeast corner of Central Park), Davis, CA 95616-4102. Phone: 530-758-5637, e-mail:
Hours: Wednesday & Saturday, 10 AM - 4 PM, Admission free, donations welcome.

Permanent Exhibits

Native Americans in Yolo

Jerome Davis Ranch

History of the library and Hattie Weber

Coming of the railroad 1868

Coming of UC Davis 1906

20 historic panels

History of the Davis Library

Operated by the Yolo County Historical Society for the City of Davis
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We moved a bit closer toward gaining a needed storage facility. On January 24th the Davis City Council approved the 11 page staff report that recommended a revised Memorandum Of Understanding between the City and the YCHS/HWMD advocates. A less expensive renovation plan was approved in concept for saving and assigning to the Museum the WPA-funded 600 square foot “old restroom” building in Central Park. Cost savings compared to the plan that received a (rejected by the City) low bid in 2015 of around $79,000 are hoped to bring new bids of around $45,000.

Demolition of the 1956 addition to the 1937 core structure will no longer be needed and there are revisions to the treatment of windows and doors. The new plan is a better preservation project and conforms to our requests of the past 5 years.

At a meeting on February 15th, Public Works and City Manager’s Office Staff met with Museum advocates and discussed the next steps for architect Maria Ogrydziak as she provides final details. A tile roof with materials from Gladding Maclean (of Lincoln) will be prepared for by adding bracing, but the restoration of the original 1937 roof materials will be delayed until around 2020.