Earl's Links!

    Earl is especially fond of the music of John Philip Sousa; he also enjoys a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta. When he isn't whistling Turkey in the Straw, he can be heard humming operatic highlights from his seemingly endless repetoire and annoying everyone within earshot. And if he can't think of the words to whatever tune he is humming, he knows he can always check out this useful site to find them.

    When Earl can get away, he likes to take the Steamship Authority ferry or the Hy-Line out to Nantucket; when he can't get away, he likes to check out the news there by reading Yesterday's Island.

    Earl also enjoys a nice mud bath in Calistoga, the occasional River Cats game, a yearly trip to the circus, and the works of the incomparable Bob Elliot and Ray Goulding.

    Earl enjoys doing research into genealogy. If you'd like to check out the work-in-progress of one of his friends, look at this fascinating page.

    When it comes to eating, Earl just can get enough chiles, cranberries, rhubarb, or Indian pudding. And when he dines out, there is no place he likes better than The House of Toast!

    blood dropHave you given blood lately? You should, you know! If you live in the Sacramento area, check out the Sacramento Medical Foundation.