Tsnungwe Council

Federal Acknowledgment Process

The Tsnungwe Council is currently one of the many California Indian tribes going through the Federal Acknowledgment Process of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Department of Interior, United States Government.

The United States does not currently recognize the Tsnungwe as a tribe, meaning a political sovereign entity. This however does not mean that the Tsnungwe are not a tribe, nor does it mean that the Tsnungwe no longer exist. This situation is similar to Cuba. The US does not formally recognize Cuba, and has no formal relations with Cuba. But, this doesn't mean that Cuba is not a country, nor does it mean that Cuba does not exist.

The Tsnungwe Council actually has had treaty relations in the past with the United States. One of the treaties is the basis for the Bureau of Indian Affair's recent preliminary determination that the United States previously recognized the Tsnungwe Council.

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The Tsnungwe Council has received assistance in researching and gathering information for our acknowledgment petition from the Northern California Indian Development Council.

For more information, contact: Tsnungwe Council, P.O. Box 373,Salyer, CA 95563. 916-629-3356.