Books, Papers, Videos on Hupa Language


Books, Papers

"California Athabaskan Groups" by Martin A. Baumhoff, Anthropological Records, Vol. 16, No. 5, 1958. Lots of placename information. Relies on information gathered by C.Hart Merriam and other anthropologists.

Our Home Forever: The Hupa Indians of Northern California by Byron Nelson, Jr. Copyright 1978 by Hupa Tribe.

On This Earth: Hupa Land Domains, Images, and Ecology on 'Deddah Ninnisan' by Lee Davis, 1988.Ph.D. Dissertation, University of California, Berkeley.

Other excellent books and materials regarding Hupa Language have been published by the Center for Indian Community Development at Humboldt State University. Contact them for details.


Hupa Way We are Speaking - Video Tape Lessons 1-3, Hoopa Valley Tribe. Including me'-ya'kya:n, Ray Baldy and Melody Carpenter acting out a scene at a restaurant. An excellent teaching tool fully immersed in Hupa Language.