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The major learning experience I have had is working with fluent speakers for 3 years in a Master/Apprentice program which was sponsored by the Native California Network in Sebastopol, CA. I have worked with Hupa speakers Calvin Carpenter and Ruth Beck. Other Hupa teams have also participated in this program.


Hupa I Class, 2007-2008, Hoopa Valley High School

Mr. Ammon, Demetrius Villegas, Shaylynne Masten, Clayton McCovey

Harwood Starritt, Angela McConnell, Shanley Masten, Naomi Van Pelt, Tashone Rice, Melissa Phines, Willie Simms

Vivian Tello, Chance Carpenter Jr., Shirley Hurley, Carlos Estrada


Hupa Dictionaries
Online Hupa Language Dictionary
Searchable Hupa Language Database (UC-Berkeley, password-protected)
Morphology of the Hupa Language by Pliny Goddard, 1903


Stories in Hupa Language
Dogs - a kid book translated to Hupa Language; story told by Muriel Ammon
Video created by Kayla Carpenter re: creation
Xontehltaw Yilxay K'itehlkyo:t, Coyote Steals Daylight by Ruth Bennett, Pam Mattz, Silish Jackson, Harold Campbell

Children Teaching Children - Klamath Trinity School District

Yima:ntiwinyay saves the Salmon by Ms. George-Moore's Hoopa 2_3_4 class, March 2008
English versions of Hupa Texts collected by Pliny Goddard, 1904


Sample Conversations using Transcriber Danny and Muriel Ammon, Summer 2008
Conversation 1 name, family, where do you live?
Conversation 2 how to say man
Conversation 3 weather
Conversation 4 going home
Conversation 5 look...what is it?
Conversation 6 what are you doing?
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Hupa Language Lessons Developed with ACORNS software
Family Dinner by Ginger Rogers
Set 1 Lessons (Animals, Fruit, Colors, My Body, My River Home) by Ginger Rogers
More information on ACORNS = Acquisition of Restored Native Speech by Dan Harvey, Southern Oregon University


More lessons, info regarding Hupa Language
Now You're Speaking Hupa 2nd Edition (Book and audio by Ray Baldy, Ruth Beck, Sonny Pratt)
Hupa Alphabet Chart
Hupa Numbers
Hupa Verb Forms (advanced topic)
Hupa Words
Hupa Spelling Book (Ruth Bennett, Unifon writing system)

Hupa Numbers (Ruth Bennett, Unifon writing system)

Hupa Activity Book (Ruth Bennett, Unifon writing system)
It Really Works: Cultural Communications Proficiency by Ruth Bennett, 1997


Books, Papers, Videos on Hupa Language


Hupa Linguistics  
Current Victor Golla
  Ruth Bennett
Past Pliny Goddard
  C. Hart Merriam

J.P. Harrington interview with Saxey Kidd at the South Fork of the Trinity River. Interpreted by Carrie Bussell. 1928. Available on microfilm. Extensive information on places around Willow Creek, the South Fork, Burnt Ranch, and New River.


  Edward Sapir


  Mary Woodward
  Survey of California and Other Indian Languages, University of California, Berkeley


Ethnographic Photographs of Hupa Indians (UC Berkeley)
C. Hart Merriam Photographs of Hupa Indians (UC Berkeley)
Xontah (Indian house) photos


Links to Other Interesting Pages
1900 United States Census for Humboldt County (Humboldt County Historical Society)
Edward S Curtis The North American Indian Volume 13, 1924.

"Hupa, Chilula, and Whilkut" by William J. Wallace, 1978 from "Handbook of the North American Indians", Vol. 8, California

        Edited by Robert Heizer. Published by Smithsonian Institute.
Map of Local Tribes
Cry for Luck by Richard Keeling, 1993. Sacred Song and Speech among the Yurok, Hupa and Karok Indians of Northwestern California.
New York Times article on Native Language after Hoopa Valley High School started Native Language Program
2008 Daniel Newbury article on local languages


Downloadable Software useful for Language Work

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Audio editting
Acorns Acquisition of Restored Native Speech by Dan Harvey, Southern Oregon University