User Groups:

Listed alphabetically, those with Web pages listed seperately from those without. E-mail list based on The Atari Community E-mail Address Book, by Dan Mazurowski. Note that mailto: links have not been checked for currency.

ABACUS, the Atari Bay Area Computer Users Society (San Francisco, CA, USA).

ABUG, the Atari Boise User Group (Boise, ID, USA).

AUNT, Atari Users of North Texas (Dallas, TX, USA).

CACE, The Canterbury Atari Computer Enthusiasts (Christchurch, New Zealand).

EACH, Edmonton Atari Computer Hobbyists (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada).

FACCS, First Atari Computer Club of Spokane (Spokane, WA, USA).

MACE, The Melbourne Atari Computer Club (Melbourne, Australia).

NSACUG, the Nova Scotia Atari Computer Users Group (Chebucto, Nova Scotia, Canada).

PAC, the Portland Atari Club (Portland, OR, USA).

QACE, Queensland Atari Computer Enthusiasts User Group (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia).

STAR, Sacramento's Total Atari Resource (Sacramento, CA, USA).

SAK, Svenska Atariklubben (Atari Users Association of Sweden). Two addresses to serve all of Sweden, SAK-Skåne and SAK Väst in Gothenburg.

Tariland Computer Club, (Auckland, New Zealand).

TAF, the Toronto Atari Federation (Toronto, Canada).

WAG, the Wessex Atari Group (Whitchurch, Hampshire, UK).

WAUG, What was the Washtenaw Atari User Group, now is What Another User Group or whatever. (Ann Arbor, MI, USA).

YAC, The Yolo Atari Club (that is, us. This link returns you to our home page in Davis, CA, USA).

AACE , Alabama Atari Computer Enthusiasts (Tuscaloosa, AL). Mail Joe Moudry at LHL0032@UABDPO.DPO.UAB.EDU.

AACE, Austin Atari Computer Enthusiasts (Austin, TX). Mail David Mann at, or Jerry Dunham at

ACEC, Atari Computer Enthusiasts of Columbus (Columbus, OH). Mail Michael Steve at

ACE-HI, Atari Computer Enthusiasts of Hawaii (?, HI). Mail Juan Perez, President, at jperez@uhunix3.uhec.Hawaii.Edu.

ACE-NSW, Atari Computer Enthusiasts, NSW (Sydney, Australia). Mail Ian Mackereth at

AKA-Frbg, Anwender Kreis Atari, Freiburg (Freiburg, Deutschland). Mail Werner Laass at

AZTECAS XE, a Mexican Atari 8-bit users group. Mail Mariano Dominguez Molina at

CACE, Canterbury Atari Computer Enthusiasts (New Zealand). Mail Scott G. Stringer, Sec., at

DACE, Diablo Atari Computer Enthusiasts (California, USA). Mail Daniel Galant at

FOG-F, Falcon Owners Group, Finland. Mail Peter Sebastian Bach at

FOG-UK, Falcon Owners Group, United Kingdom. Mail Richard Davey at

GCAGE,Garden City Atari Computer Enthusiasts (Canada). Mail Gordon Hooper, Pres., at, or Ted Skrecky, ST Lib., at

HBO-AUG, Hamilton-Burlington-Oakville (Canada). Mail Jon Dinga at

KCAC, Kansas City Atari Connection. Mail Jeffrey Krzystow, Pub Lib, at

NEOSTAG, North East Ohio ST Atari Group. Mail Tom Lamparty, Sec & Treas, at ab164@yfn.ysu.edo.

SAGE, Spectrum Atari Group of Erie (Erie, PA). Mail D. Mcguire, Pres & Sysop, at

SCAT, Suburban Chicago ATarians (Chicago, IL). Mail Nick Dimasi, Pres, at

WAACC, Western Australia Atari Computer Club (Midvale, W. Australia). Mail Lance H. Barrett at

WMAUG, W. Massachusetts Atari User Group (Springfield, MA). Mail Arthur Santos, Pres., at

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