This list is sorted rather haphazardly at the moment, what with all the turmoil in the Atari magazine market recently. But I have done my best to make some order out of it.

Magazines Published on the Internet:
o Atari Article Archive Several ST Format writers have gotten together and collected their past articles at this site. Also has new articles form various sources, and plenty of other excellent resources.
o ST Applications ST Applications is put out by the ST-Club. I always liked their focus on serious applications. They used to be a hard copy magazine, but now have a beautiful electronic version. Past issues are freely available, you must subscribe for $10 to see the new ones.
o Falcon Fact File A new web based bi-monthly magazine of excellent quality. Focusing on the Atari Falcon means they concentrate on the most modern software available. This is by the same people that run the Atari Net Locator (a resource much like ours).
o Antic Antic was the Atari magazine of the 80's, and the original publisher has given permission to put all the material from it onto the Internet at this web site! Atari enthusiasts are going gangbusters on it right now.
o Atari Explorer Online For a while this electronic magazine was practically the official voice of Atari. Lately, however, it has appeared more and more irregularly.
o A-TOS Magazin A German language magazine. If you're linguistically gifted you can learn about much of the cutting edge development here.
o Genie Lamp Right up until they sold the whole concern to IDT, GE's GEnie published an excellent Atari edition of its on-line multiple computer platforms magazine. Check out the back issues. They still have their Atari Roundtable.

Magazines Printed on Paper:
o Atari Magazine From Italy.
o Current Notes Current Notes is the oldest continuously published Atari magazine (over 16 years), and one of two magazines still published in North America. It is currently a bi-monthly, with 50 to 60 pages per issue.
o ST Computer From Germany.
o ST Informer ST Informer is the other North American Atari magazine, and it too has a long track record. It keeps on keepin' on! (Although it has fallen off its monthly schedule of late.)
o ST Format ST Format was the largest circulation English language Atari magazine in the world, until it recently stopped publishing. Each issue came with a cover mounted double-sided disk with about 1.25 Megs of programs compressed onto it. You can still check out back issues at their web site.
o ST Magazine From France.

Magazines Published on Disks:
o DBA Mag The DiskBusters Association is a Dutch diskzine/demo group. DBA diskmagazine is a full colour multimedia publication with news, pre/reviews and much more
o Maggie Maggie is an independently produced non-commercial diskmag. It started in 1990, issue 20 was released July, 1996.

Also ST-News (back issues, I assume) is supposed to be up soon at the Magnetic Interludes site.

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