Response from a Borders Employee

This response to materials posted at this website is from a
borders employee who wishes to remain anonymous.

... I am an employee of Borders in [removed], but I happen to agree with almost everything that appears on this page. My one contention is with an intimation that borders does not hire highly intelligent employees. I would say that 90% of my co-workers have a BA, quite a few have masters degrees, and a handful have been accepted into Phd programs. Borders has always claimed that it's success derives from highly intelligent employees. They do not however seem to mention this so much when the issue of wages arises (thus the drive for unionization of which our store recently became the [removed] union shop in the chain). Good luck in your efforts to keep Borders from driving your stores out of business but beware, they are crafty SOB's in Ann Arbor. You should also include local music and video stores as well as cafe's in this effort as Borders and Barnes and Noble have their thumbs in all of these pies.
[Name removed by request] ps. if you post this please remove my name as it could get me into hot water. again good luck.
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