How To Help!

What can you do to help in the struggle against the arrival of a Borders superstore in Davis, CA?

The Top Ten List of Things You Can Do:

1. JOIN "The Friends of Davis (Our Town)"

This citizen group meets every Thursday, 6:30PM
The Next Chapter,
225 G Street
Phone (916) 758-8728

2. ATTEND City Council Meeting on Wednesday, April 9 -- the city can rezone for a 10,000 sq. ft. limit on size with a conditional use permit for larger uses that serve a need in Davis.

3. Pledge a dollar at The Next Chapter, Bogey's Books, or Avid Reader for an ad stating:


4. Call or Write the Borders chain:

5. Call or write the developer
Mark Friedman
c/o Fulcrum Corp.
7750 College Town Drive, Suite 350
Sacramento, CA 95826
-phone 381-1887

6. Write a letter to the editor of the Davis Enterprise.

7. Call a City Council member:

Susie Boyd 758-1435
Jerry Kaneko 756-2324
Lois Wolk 756-9655

8. Call UC Davis

Marj Dickinson 752-2619
(government & community relations director)

9. Sign our petitions.

Petitions can be found at virtually every bookstore and coffee house in downtown Davis.

10. Connect with our Website
Feel free to use the html coding for the linked icon on the bottom of this page.
We will return a link and host an icon from our homepage.
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