Facts Borders should consider before coming to Davis

Many members of "Friends of Davis (Our Town)" championed the following issues:
  1. No on Measure E
    -- Measure E was defeated on Tuesday March 3, 1997.

  2. No Cost U Less in Davis ("Mom and Pop" grocery store preferable)
    -- Cost U Less closed on Friday, March 21, 1997.
The citizens of Davis continue to shape the destiny of their town and with continual positive re-inforcement, they are more determined and motivated than ever before.

The following should indicate that Borders will have a tough go of it in Davis.

  1. Opponents to a Borders in Davis filled the Chambers of City Hall on March 19.
  2. Citizens spoke out on the Borders issue for 1.5 hours on March 19.
  3. Close to 4,000 signatures have been collected to petition the City Council on this issue
  4. Hundreds of Citizens have pledged $1 and have committed to a boycott of a Borders in
  5. Citizens have pledged to man picket lines in Davis for 2 years
  6. Citizens have pledged to house pickets from similarly affected groups across the country
    for 2 years

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