Re-Elect Mayor Sue Greenwald
for Davis City Council 2008.

Name (print):
Place of employment:
Phone: e-mail:
I am contributing $. Contributions limited to $100/person.
Please make checks payable to:
      Re-elect Sue Greenwald
      (to Davis City Council)

Please print out the form, fill it out and mail it to Dennis Dingamens at the address at the bottom of the page.

Please consider the following also, to show your support for Sue:
I endorse Sue Greenwald
I will display a lawn sign.
I will walk and deliver literature in a precinct.
I will volunteer to help for other tasks (phone, mailings).
I will help with tabling at the Farmer's Market and supermarkets.
I will write a letter to the editor supporting Sue.

Click below to submit your offer of financial support to re-elect Sue Greenwald:

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For further information:
Please call Sue Greenwald (756-5831), Dennis Dingamens (758-3721)
or G. Richard Yamagata (753-9750),

Dennis Dingamens treasurer 645 C Street, Davis, CA. 95616
Or visit our Contact Form

To mail in your financial contribution:
Treasurer: Dennis Dingamens
645 C Street
Davis, CA 95616

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