The Llama's Mama! The DVM on DVM

DVM=Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
DVM=Davis Virtual Market

The Vision of this Community Service Web Site on DCN.

A nice combination, the goal is to inform, entertain and help you with your pet/animal companion questions. This space will have weekly postings of information on topics of interest to pet owners, a few facts on some strange animals and will have answers to selected questions submitted from the week before. If you have questions, please be specific but try to make it a question that might affect many animals not just yours. Answers will be generalized, and letters will not be posted. All letters cannot be answered (sorry) but we will try to help you if possible. Future topics include iguana care, llamas as companions and the new "flea pill."

Who is Sue Pounds, DVM?

I graduated from the UCD Veterinary School in 1976. I have practiced veterinary medicine in California since then in a variety of places and clinics and have had a house call practice in Davis for 10 years. Patients have usually been dogs, cats, sheep, goats and llamas. Many people call me Dr. Sue and you can too. I live on a small farm with (you guessed it) lots of animals including dogs, cats, sheep, goats, llamas, chickens and geese .

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