Age Comparison Chart for Dogs and Cats

Age of Dog/Cat       Human years

3 months             5 years                This chart is based on tooth
                                            and bone growth, sexual
6 months             10 years               maturity and other factors
                                            related to maturity, it is not 
1 year               15 years               exact but is a fairly
                                            accurate comparison.  
2 years              24 years               Larger breeds of dogs have a 
                                            shorter life span and smaller 
4 years              32 years               dogs have a longer one but 
                                            a small dog may mature more
6 years              40 years               quickly in the first few years
                                            and a large dog more slowly.
8 years              48 years

10 years             56 years

14 years             72 years

18 years             88-91 years *

20 years             91-96 years*

21 years             96-106 years*

*sources differ on the later years  

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