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quizmaster.pl: Examples

Here are some examples of ways you can use quizmaster.pl, beginning with very simple, and becoming increasingly complex as you proceed down the page. Please note that for clarity each quiz is in its own directory and all files are fairly clearly marked. If you are afraid of users using the VIEW SOURCE function of their web browsers to see the file names you are using (and thus cheat), you may want to use more obtuse filenames.

In each of these examples, the file "quiz.html" is the beginning of the quiz.

1. The Simple Quiz (go to the directory)

This is a one-question radio button quiz using the files specified in the step-by-step directions. It returns one file if the answer is right, and another file if the answer is wrong.

2. A Chain of Three Questions (go to the directory)

This quiz asks three questions, with each question and answer having its own html file. The quiz is set up so that the user cannot proceed to the next question without getting the previous one right. This can be useful for teaching things, as you can give information about why each answer is wrong to anyone who selects that answer.

3. A Single Page, Expert Quiz (go to the directory)

This quiz asks three questions as well, but it asks all of the questions at the same time and displays all of the results on the same page. Note the use of a header, footer, and question files to output unchanging information. Note also that the beginning HTML tags are only in the header file, and the ending HTML tags are only in the footer file. The other files are HTML fragments.

This quiz uses radio buttons, but also uses checkboxes to allow multiple selections and a scrolling list to complete a phrase.

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quizmaster.pl was written by Christian Sandvig. If you are interested, the source code is available.

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