H-e-e-e-re's Walter

This is an experiment

This is a very crude experiment. It will make you wonder what you have run across. Don't worry about it. Keep trying.

Well here is another paragraph. The subject of these paragraphs is the paragraphs themselves. This will probably get very confusing after a while. A paragraph break is just a p. Here come a couple now.

Those didn't hurt, did they?
Now we're trying line breaks.
Aren't they cute?

Just tried a comment line. If it worked OK it will be invisible.



  1. Number one.
  2. Number two.
  3. Number THREE.

The next line should be indented.
Here it is.

Now we're going to try bold and italic.

Now we're trying strong and em.

This	is	text
that	is	preformatted
in	a	table.

Here comes a line across the page.