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Kevin's Daughters Kevin has been in the restaurant business for over twenty years. (Kevin's daughters pictured at right). model Kelly,
and sister Sarah. The past seven years Kevin has served as General Manager for Denny's in his hometown of Woodland. He has served on the Board of Directors of VME, Incorporated (an internet services company). He is a US Navy veteran (1972-80). (Bryan, Kevin's son pictured below/left with his daughter Courtney aboard :).
Bryan and Courtney McKee

A McKee Family Crest Since the 1980s Kevin has been actively seeking his family roots and history, which has broadened into quite the MCKEE library and family tree. Kevin's branch of the McKee family, from Donegal Ireland to Peterborough, Canada -- then to Marysville, Kansas -- is documented on his family treemaker website. Additional information is available there including the family tree (by clicking here.). Since there is a lot to learn regarding this branch alone, the search has opened up other research in lateral MCKEE migrations with hopes of linking other families. EJ and Anna WeddingIn order to broaden this search and define it even further, more possibilities open up with DNA reaearch (Thank You, Linda McKee) check out an affordable way and the possibilities of finding more on your MCKEE family line. Research this site.
While Kevin is working on a MCKEE family publication- he will be sharing information on the MCKEE surname, its beginnings and migrations through links below.(pictures of Great-Grandparents E.J. McKee and wife Anna Randolph 1900 Wedding and Father Vaun L McKee 1950; Click here to view more pictures- McKee

Vaun McKeeFamily-members of William McKee and Sarah Thompson (ones known to have immigrated)- Robert McKee/Anne Elliott brother Samuel McKee/Beaven Elliott and their children- possibly brothers other kin, families settled in Smith Twsp, Peterborough County, Ontario, Canada around 1831 receiving land- Marriages toFitzgerald, Elliott, Roseborough, Finlay,Crawford, in Canada; Randolph,Pelsue,Tarvin,and Dalton (on both sides)- others along the way, some remained Ontario- some (I believe)to Exeter, Huron County, Ontario, Canada then on to Kansas (Marshall County) in 1871. Kevin McKee has extensive research and was involved in two reunions, 1986 and 1998 and is discovering new cousins. Kevin will exchange information; would like to continue to build large family tree. Through his extensive lateral family research, he enjoys the discovery and history involved with Genealogy. Kevin also aknowledges his maternal ancestors in McKay Crest Quick,Ekstrom,Curry,Brady,Raine and others very ably covered by his Aunt Lana (Quick) Lanham and included in the family tree portion. (The Arms of Sir Aeneas Alexander MacKay, 13th Lord Reay, on right).


Please look into the McKee newsletter below, as I will periodically share McKee family histories other than my own direct line, this time- McKees in Ireland as well as the Mackay read. If anyone would like to send me their McKee history by e mail, I can paste- and post it on the Newsletter.Grandkids Interested in the other Surnames that have crossed my McKee path? I have provided links to folks or pages where there is help. JUST click on the surname above. If you can add more info or have info on another name E-Mail me as I will update this page as frequently as possible.(My grandchildren- Courtney and Madison)


If you would like to get on a mailing list of McKee matters-and a way of communicating with others doing the same: Join the "McKee-L" E-Mail List, a RootsWeb mailing list for the discussion and sharing of information regarding the McKee surname. To join, just type the word "subscribe" in the body of an e-mail addressed to for the full version or for the Digest Version. To quit, just type the word "unsubscribe" in the body of an e-mail addressed to

A McKee Family Crest



What do McKees' do? McKees are Realtors, Actors, Athletes and more! Here is a page devoted to what McKees do. Check it out! Are you missing from the page? Just e-mail me.


Do we share the Donegal connection? I have found a site that includes searchable database-Valuation Registers, Taxes, Entitlements, Passenger Lists. If your family was from here its a must see! Check Lindel Buckleys'Donegal Genealogical Resources Great work Lindel!


Try Google! If you have not already... its fast and searches the internet through over a billion pages!

"McKee Family Matters"(All Newsletters)
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My Daughters Genealogy WebsiteAwesome Sarah!

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Please sign in my guestbook-so I know you've stopped by; or use the opportunity to jot down the McKees Line you are from or looking for. You can also browse and see if you can find a link to yours. Thanks!:
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You will find general information, including McKee Surname discussion as well as information in areas of my ancestors migrations below:

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