M and Duke Street Mural
Artist Danielle Fodor

(click photos to enlarge)
projecting images to create stencils blue fence lizard stencil projection owl stencil
tracing the head of the dreaming cat stencil drawing across the street checking in
having fun painting oak leaves
painting a yellow fish band painting grass behind scrub jay
artist Danielle Fodor walking across the street mural paint station stamping sunflower center design
Lucas Freirichs paints a dragonfly. band entertaining community painters large street mural flowers
street mural giant poppies and sunflower Danielle Fodor adds another coat of yellow paint to the sunflower. painting water stream on street mural
yellow street mural fish green and yellow oak leaf painting blue sky amongst the oak leaves
painting oak tree trunk blue sky amongst oak leaves red dragonfly
yellow bee resting on giant sunflower after street mural completed street mural celebration on the sunflower
barn owl resting in majestic oak tree bamboo dreaming cat

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