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  September 12, 2005

hello all,

hope you've had a great summer and are enjoying the fall weather. i'm writing to touch base with you all about new movements at our local shopping center.

as you might know, a solid band of folks have served on a shopping center committee for many moons to work behind the scenes for the continued preservation and enhancement of the center. the big focus since finishing the remodel is to locate a business in the old Ralph's site. it hasn't been easy. and the mitigating factors, characters, and politics are the makings for a bad novel.

but in any case, we persevere and have some reports to share.

the big news is that the Dollar Tree is putting in an application to the city for part of the Ralph's space. as part of this application, Dollar Tree is splitting the store and doing some remodeling.

for the shopping center committee, we don't view the Dollar Tree as ideal or even that great in terms of the criteria we have generated for helping to create a dynamic tenant mix and destination center that provides for neighborhood needs. however, there might be some concessions in terms of streetscaping, beautification of the parking areas, signage, and other upgrades that we can gain through the process. and we might also get an additional business that does meet neighborhood/center needs.

there is a lot of info to share, from history of the center to possible advantages and disadvantages of the Dollar Tree. the shopping center committee is working hard to assess options and discuss possibilities with the city and the Business and Economic Development Commission in order to bring the DMNC a solid proposal. the city has agreed to notice and sponsor a meeting for interested folks to discuss the Dollar Tree, brainstorm who we'd like to see co-locate with them, and give feedback to the shopping center committee on our proposal (e.g., if we want to thumbs up or thumbs down Dollar Tree). so rest assured that we've built into the process a way to share thoughts with you and get your insights! i'll let you know when we schedule the meeting. if you are interested in attending and there are days/times during the week when you *absolutely* can't make it, let me know. my guess is that we'll do something from 7:00 - 8:30 somewhere in the neighborhood.

all the best,

jesikah maria ross
jmross at

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