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Davis Manor Neighborhood Council Meeting With City Staff

Attending: Ken Hiatt, Anne Brunette, Fred Buderi, Janis Lott, Craig Blomberg, jesikah maria ross

Discussion Topics
- what else can we do to easement to beautify? (art; vines on wall; additional landscaping?)
- celebration events
- how to make it a destination; hub
- George's corner


Add public art to right of way (jmr)
make sure it's cohesive with color scheme of the center
public art on the bus shelters?
tile mosaic via Donna Billick with images of community
stain the concrete to make the it pop (with color)
touch base with Carrie Dyer 757-5626 staff to civic arts commission (looking for a place for public art; arts contract)

Have to post construction evaluation/pre-close out with Michael Mitchell (Ken)
is landscaping done; cheryl's notes
discuss dedication party
review ideas

Upgrade landscaping if possible: explore with Michael
add evergreen vines (star jasmine) on fences
investigate possibilities for planting more inspiriting and appropriate
add citrus to area

Lighting (Janis)
they are currently off; need to turn on electricity (will discuss with Michael at meeting)
future: add banners: ask Da Vinci youth to develop logo for the DMNC

George's Corner (Janis) how can we take down the light?
can we organize to paint it?
someone needs to talk to George
public art there?

Celebration (Anne)
letter to the editor in Davis Enterprise and Cc to SACOG (Craig)
letter of thanks to SACOG (Ken will email into to he will rework and send)
fall lighting ceremony (enterprise take a picture; invite folks with flyer; invite city council and BEDC; SACOG) (Anne/Stacy)
spring: party in the spring (Kevin/coho/Stacy)

City relations (Fred)
update to BEDC (revitalize the center) Fred will get on agenda and give update
talk to Brian A what did you hear from tenants when you spoke to them and what can we do

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