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  May 20, 2004

hello all,

just wanted to give you an update from the shopping center commitee. in short: its good.

i attended a joint city council/business and economic development commission meeting last night, and the Davis Manor came up frequently and in postitive ways. we were named in relation to having a shopping center that posed both challenges and opportunities, for having a significant history of activism around the shopping center, and as being a stellar example of a neighborhood organization. yeah neighborhood!

the DM shopping center is now, after 6 years of continuous work by the DMNC shopping center committee and board, an on-going agenda item of the Business & Economic Development Commisison. even better, we made it to their priority list of goals for this next year. as a result, they are organizing a workshop of experts on revitalizing centers like ours on June 10 form 7-9. mark your calendars! the place had yet to be announced (i'll send that info out to you). the city has asked that a group from our neighborhood be present to share ideas and input, especially in relation to any suggestions or ideas that come up from the outside experts that we bring in. if you think you can come, let me know...i think it will in interesting and informative

in other good news, Fred Buderi and i met with the two newly appointed economic development staff at the city. both are interested and motivated to dedicate time to the DM project (whatever it turns out to be post-workshop mentioned above). they have energy and vision to do something different, useful, and meaningful to the neighborhood. this is, perhaps, the most significant change in the many years we've been at this. with luck, they will become the project "champions" and carry the heavy water.... something that we've been doing all along and can no longer do.

if you are interested in seeing just how much the Davis Manor figures into the BEDC annual goals, go to the city website and look under commissions and then look for their workplan (i think its there).

as always, we'll be working on our neighborhoods behalf to continue to renovate our shopping center and make it a dynamic and vibrant hub for our and surrounding neighborhoods.


jesikah maria ross

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