Candidate Forum

City Council Candidate Forum
Issues along the Pole Line and L Street Corridors

Valley Oak Elementary, January 12, 2004
Hosted by the Davis Manor Neighborhood Council

Over 50 citizens attended the DMNC hosted forum. The candidates were well prepared and did an excellent job of keeping their answers within the short response time. Audience members asked other questions besides the ones below that were sent out beforehand to the candidates. You had to have been there to have heard their answers though. Linked to the questions below are the answers that they have sent us. If the candidates don't send us written answers, we will write up our notes as volunteer time permits. Contact information for each candidate is also below. Candidates can email the web master (Debbie Martin <>) to change their contact information or add to their answers. And don't forget to Vote on March 2!

Question 1: The former Ralphs/Albertson's supermarket site at the Davis Manor Shopping Center is proving difficult to fill with a new tenant. Having this building empty increases the threat to the other stores in the center. What would you do as a city council member to help revitalize or change this shopping center?

Question 2: L Street and Pole Line already have a lot of traffic. The new Spring Lakes development in south Woodland and the proposed Covell Village will increase traffic on both these roads. What would you do as a city council member to help improve the traffic problems on these north south arteries?

Question 3: Traffic calming measures such as undulations and traffic circles help reduce the speed of vehicles and improve safety for neighbors. Many streets and intersections in East Davis neighborhoods could benefit from such measures. What is your position about traffic calming measures in neighborhoods? If you support them, how would you help ensure that the city has the funds available for these improvements?

Question 4: East Davis neighborhoods have an incredible asset in their city street trees. Unfortunately many of these trees, such as the Modesto Ash, need costly maintenance for mistletoe removal and other problems. Already there are areas where the trees are not getting sufficient help because of stretched budgets. How will you help ensure that the city has the funds to maintain a healthy urban forest and street tree program?

Question 5: Most of the homes in the L Street - Pole Line corridor are close to 50 years old and have many built in problems. Two of the big ones are that they grow mold and they waste energy. Improvements in roof and wall insulation, double pane windows, heating, and other investments can solve both these problems and improve the health of residents and reduce energy consumption. Unfortunately, many of the homes are owned by absentee landlords, too many of whom do not invest in these improvements. The tenants suffer. What would you do as a city council member to help with these problems?

Question 6: One of the major identified infill areas is the PG&E corporate yard at 5th and L Streets. What is your position about the possible redevelopment of this area?

Final Comments: Candidates are welcome to send in final comments.

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 JJ Charlesworth  
 Stan Forbes
 Sue Greenwald  756-5831
 Mike Harrington  759-8442
 Lamar Heystek  297-6778
 Donna Lott  756-3457
 Don Saylor  758-0282
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